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Friday, 14 September 2012

Made-to-measure Earplugs

From time to time people ask if we supply made-to-measure earplugs. We don't, but some of our customers have bought some, found they preferred the foam plugs they previously used, and carried on buying plugs from us!

In case you think we might be biased, the following is from "The Ride Kit Awards" section of Ride Magazine, November 2011:

Depends. Some people swear by them. Others don't have such a positive experience and regard them as a waste of money - and they can be very expensive. Unfortunately the only way to find out which camp you fall into is to get some, live with them for some time and then make your own call about whether they're worth the cost.
You'd be better off starting with conventional earplugs, of which there are dozens of varieties available. Get a variety pack from Lucy Dell Earplugs ( and there's a good chance that somewhere in there you'll find a size and shape that suits you.

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