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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Outside the UK?

We send plugs to Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We also accept online payments from these countries by Visa or Mastercard. At present some Mastercards may not work for technical reasons. We apologise for this, it is being looked into.
If you want your order sent to one of these countries, prices are higher due to the higher delivery costs.
To Europe: simply add 10% to the prices shown in the pricelist. This applies to all pack sizes.
To USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand: a £5 pack will cost you £6; a £10 pack will cost you £12. If you want a bulk pack, contact us before you order as the weights of bulk packs vary significantly.
Payment is charged to the card in British Pounds (GBP) but your card company will convert this into your currency, so the transaction will appear on your statement in your own currency.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Down Filled Plugs

Down-filled plugs were discontinued some time ago and our stocks of 202S are now very limited. Consequently, if you want to order 202S or 203S you must reserve your requirements before paying online, or before posting your order to us!
We currently have reasonable stocks of POP so at present you can order up to 25 pairs of POP without prior reservation. If you want more than 25 pairs of POP - check with us first.
The POP has one open end - there is a photo on our gallery page.

New Price List - more plugs!

Our new price list is now online, with even more plugs than before and a bit more information about some plugs. Some bulk packs are now smaller and a few prices have changed. We've also arranged the plugs by type. Traditional pvc foam plugs (E-A-R Classic etc) are at the top, followed by:
  • polyurethane foam plugs (Maxlite, Laserlite, etc)
  • "no-roll" foam plugs (Matrix)
  • 'foam' plugs with stems (such as Express)
  • corded foam plugs
  • down-filled plugs
  • rubbery plugs - without cords
  • rubbery plugs - with detachable cords
  • rubbery plugs - with fixed cords
We hope this makes it easier to find the plug you want, and to see what alternatives there are of a similar type. Note that down-filled plugs are now discontinued, so if you want some, please order sooner rather than later - and please check availability before you order.