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Thursday, 2 August 2012

New Price List - more plugs!

Our new price list is now online, with even more plugs than before and a bit more information about some plugs. Some bulk packs are now smaller and a few prices have changed. We've also arranged the plugs by type. Traditional pvc foam plugs (E-A-R Classic etc) are at the top, followed by:
  • polyurethane foam plugs (Maxlite, Laserlite, etc)
  • "no-roll" foam plugs (Matrix)
  • 'foam' plugs with stems (such as Express)
  • corded foam plugs
  • down-filled plugs
  • rubbery plugs - without cords
  • rubbery plugs - with detachable cords
  • rubbery plugs - with fixed cords
We hope this makes it easier to find the plug you want, and to see what alternatives there are of a similar type. Note that down-filled plugs are now discontinued, so if you want some, please order sooner rather than later - and please check availability before you order.

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