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Monday, 2 July 2012

Earplug variations

Colours can vary
Some earplugs come in a range of colours. One example is Solar - colours range from pink to purple. These Solar earplugs are all the same, other than the colour. So you could receive a pink pair in a Test Pack, but then receive purple pairs if you order a £5 pack. Some customers naturally think we have sent the wrong plug, because it looks different, but it's actually the right plug!
Other plugs that come in different colours include Spark Plug (various swirly colour effects), 303L/303S (plain yellow, or yellow/white), and Purafit (was plain green, now marbled green). You can ignore these colour variations and we cannot supply a specific colour with these plugs.

Brand Names can change
The name of a plug can change if brands merge or are taken over. For example, the long-established "Classic" yellow cylindrical foam plug was the EAR Classic for decades, but is now the 3M EAR Classic. It's the same plug, but now carries 3M branding, which can cause confusion.
Other examples include Bilsom 303L, which can also be labelled Howard Leight and Push-Ins, which now carry 3M prominently, as well as (now quite small) EAR.

Packaging can change
The colour and material of packaging can change. For example, 3M-1100 used to be packed in translucent greyish sachets with orange writing/diagrams. Now they are in clear sachets with black/grey/white writing/diagrams - but it's the same plug.

Changes can occur without notice
Sometimes the first we know about a change is when we receive new stock!

If in doubt...
If you aren't sure, just drop us a mail to check!

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